To whom it may concern:

I am the Director of Emergency Management for Cleveland County. In July of 2014, I became aware of an unusual situation in the eastern portion of unincorporated Cleveland County. There was a mobile home which had apparently been abandoned in the roadway. The road in question was a private drive, unpaved and difficult to access. The mobile home was large, approximately 14 by 80 feet and was indeed in the roadway. It was possible to drive around the mobile home but it was causing problems for local residents. The mobile home frame was broken in three places and its removal would be difficult. Because the mobile home was abandoned on a private drive, Cleveland County officials were unable to remove it. The mobile home had been sitting on the roadway for approximately three months and its condition was rapidly deteriorating. The Cleveland County Health Department declared the mobile home a health hazard. This declaration mandated that removal of the mobile home. However, ownership of the mobile home could not be established and no one claimed responsibility.

A local resident called Chellie Mills, a reporter with Channel 4 News. Ms. Mills broadcast a news story about the situation and contacted Glen Knudson with Eco Alliance in Enid Oklahoma. Mr. Knudson volunteered the services of his company to remove the mobile home. In just a few days, Mr. Knudson arrived in eastern Cleveland county with a crew of works and all the necessary equipment to demolish and remove the mobile home. Within a matter of hours, the mobile home was removed and the neighborhood was returned to normal. Eco Alliance was not compensated in any way for their efforts.

Eco Alliance and Glen Knudson are to be commended for this fine display of corporate citizenship.