From Our Customers

ECO did a real good job cleaning up and separating old and partially buried iron from the trash mixed in it. Excellent work and great equipment operators, would be happy to have them back when I need them.

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Kim Johnson

Dear Glen,

I am writing today because we wanted to express how pleased we are with the work that was done on our farm. It does not even look like the same place! Y’all made the removal of the large Harvestore silos, the hay barn and the old milking barn look easy. Your work crew was very courteous and friendly and they were very mindful of our livestock when working in the pastures. In a few days our place had the most awesome transformation.


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Bob & Susan Brunson

Woodward, OK 73801

To whom it may concern:

I am the Director of Emergency Management for Cleveland County. In July of 2014, I became aware of an unusual situation in the eastern portion of unincorporated Cleveland County. There was a mobile home which had apparently been abandoned in the roadway. The road in question was a private drive, unpaved and difficult to access. The mobile home was large, approximately 14 by 80 feet and was indeed in the roadway. It was possible to drive around the mobile home but it was causing problems for local residents. The mobile home frame was broken in three places and its removal would be difficult. Because the mobile home was abandoned on a private drive, Cleveland County officials were unable to remove it. The mobile home had been sitting on the roadway for approximately three months and its condition was rapidly deteriorating. The Cleveland County Health Department declared the mobile home a health hazard. This declaration mandated that removal of the mobile home. However, ownership of the mobile home could not be established and no one claimed responsibility.

A local resident called Chellie Mills, a reporter with Channel 4 News. Ms. Mills broadcast a news story about the situation and contacted Glen Knudson with Eco Alliance in Enid Oklahoma. Mr. Knudson volunteered the services of his company to remove the mobile home. In just a few days, Mr. Knudson arrived in eastern Cleveland county with a crew of works and all the necessary equipment to demolish and remove the mobile home. Within a matter of hours, the mobile home was removed and the neighborhood was returned to normal. Eco Alliance was not compensated in any way for their efforts.

Eco Alliance and Glen Knudson are to be commended for this fine display of corporate citizenship.


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George Mauldin

Director of Emergency Management, Cleveland County, OK

Several of our companies have completed projects with ECO Alliance over the past three years. ECO has served us very well in demolition projects, Real Estate dealings, and scrap metal projects.

The Eco organization has been efficient, professional, and very cooperative in the completion of our projects and has received excellent comments from people we have referred to ECO.

ECO meets or exceeds all safety and insurance requirements necessary to protect both ECO and their customers. Everyone we have worked with from ECO Alliance has been professional and competent. We would certainly recommend ECO to complete any project that they would agree to perform.

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Jim G. Henderson

President, EAM - Enid, Oklahoma

Thank You Eco Alliance. The crew did a fantastic job for me. I really did not think that this quality of work existed in the US any more. Thank you for proving me wrong. Great Job.

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Jeff Wichert

The Dacom Farmers Coop contacted Glen Knudson with ECO Alliance about some cleanup work that had been piling up for several years. Glen visited the site and told us what they would do and how they would do it. The crew arrived in a very timely manner and began the cleanup. All employees were very professional and courteous. The job was done quickly and very much to our satisfaction. We were very pleased with the results and I would recommend ECO Alliance to anyone that has a large or small cleanup job. GOOD JOB!

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Doug Locke

General Manager, Dacoma Farmers COOP - Oklahoma

I was so impressed with Eco Alliance’s Team!!! In the past I have had two different recyclers that just picked out what they wanted, leaving the rest in a mess and left. That’s when I found Eco Alliance and called them in to help me out and clean up the mess! When they were done it was so refreshing to see they had done a great job and cleaned up the areas. That’s why I recommended them to others in the local community. Good job to Glen and his team at Eco Alliance.

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Jimmy Emmons

Leedey, OK

On behalf of the Town of Carter, I would like to send a special thank you to ECO Alliance for their help, hard work, and dedication in the demolition of our towns old water tower. ECO Alliance came into a difficult situation, as the tower was a sentimental part of our little town. You did an exceptional job as there were many on lookers as the tower was brought down. Your workers had a plan, kept the job site clean, got the job done, cleaned up promptly, and most importantly, got it done safely given the dangers associated with the old tower. As this was the first job ECO alliance performed for our town, they have put on an impressive performance and I look forward to working with you again. Thank you.

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Carl E Drum

Mayor, Carter, OK