img_17Safety comes first in all we do. Eco Alliance spends thousands of dollars each year in supplying safety training and safety equipment to our employees to make sure they are prepared to meet the demands and challenges of the work place safely. Eco Alliance provides hundreds of hours collectively to our employees each year in industry standard training courses including OSHA, MSHA, HAZWOPER, Asbestos Abatement, CPR and SafeLand, just to name a few. We not only value the health and safety of our employees, but also that of the environment, our clients and the public. As part of our written Health and Safety Plan our ongoing effort to maintain the highest level of safety in the work place includes our random testing “Zero Tolerance” Drug and Alcohol Policy, which ensures responsible behavior on and off the job. Eco Alliance is committed to providing quality service with competent employees who have the knowledge, experience and training to complete your project timely and safely.

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